If you would like to participate in a certain ministry, please contact the ministry leaders as indicated below:

Altar Servers

  • Daniela Esser


  • Daniela Esser

Children’s Ministry

  • Daniela Esser

Communications / contact to Parish Team

  • Edem Atsiatorme
  • Daniela Esser

Volunteering at ICCH

There are many ways to get engaged in the community:

  • Participate more actively in Mass by joining the groups of Eucharistic Ministers, Mass set-up or Lectors

  • Join the team that takes turns in picking up Father from main station

  • Help preparing and organizing the monthly Social Gatherings - for once or as a member of the team

  • Join the choir - no need to “sign up”, just come to the rehearsal at 12.20 before each Mass whenever you feel like singing

There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer in the community – be it once, every now and then, or on a regular basis. Just talk to us at church or send us an e-mail, we will be happy to get you involved in active ministry!

A word about helping and the organization of ICCH

Different from most parishes around, we are a community that has absolutely no full-time, paid professionals except our priests. All that is done at ICCH is a common work of the members of our community - lay people that give some of their free time for it. None of our activities could take place without our volunteers and helpers. Therefore, please do not be surprised if you are asked to help with a little task at mass, like reading one of the prayers of the faithful or bringing the gifts to the altar. If you do not want to do this, please always feel free to say so, we’ll understand!!

On the other hand, if you feel like “today I want to do something”, don’t wait, but come up to our organization team that is always happy to find volunteers without having to ask. Only with all of us together, ICCH can work!